October 2014 - CEO's Message

October 2014 – CEO’s Message

South Africa is a very unique country indeed. Despite corrupt politicians, wide spread poverty, huge unemployment, large scale skills deficit, trade deficit, aids, Ebola virus…

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August CEO's Message

August CEO’s Message

Summer has almost arrived and the tell-tale signs of imminent Spring activity is literally in the air. Jasmine blossoms  ll the cool evening air with their…

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April 2014 CEO's Message

April 2014 CEO’s Message

One of Orion’s core values is generosity.  This is a topic that gets discussed every day and each one is challenged on a daily basis…

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February 2014 CEO's Message

February 2014 CEO’s Message

January 2014 has rushed by and February is rushing by at an even quicker pace. The Orion colleagues who were fortunate to be away on…

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