May 2016 CEO's Message

May 2016 CEO’s Message

As we pace through the second quarter of 2016, one can acknowledge the string of not-so-good news. The country has had its credit rating downgraded…

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March 2016 CEO's Message

March 2016 CEO’s Message

Autumn has arrived and one quarter of the year has rushed bye. It is amazing how time goes when you are busy. As per usual…

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January 2015 CEO's Message

January 2015 CEO’s Message

The festive and holiday season is now officially over and for most people it is the start of a new year or perhaps new career…

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October 2014 - CEO's Message

October 2014 – CEO’s Message

South Africa is a very unique country indeed. Despite corrupt politicians, wide spread poverty, huge unemployment, large scale skills deficit, trade deficit, aids, Ebola virus…

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