Orion Business Philosophy

Primary Strategic Objectives 2015

Our Vision

1T50 Orion experience in 50 countries

Our Purpose

Creating stakeholder value and building strength through diversity

Our Brand Promise

It’s Happening

  • We are far-sighted
  • We are future orientated
  • We see things from different perspectives
  • We reach further together
  • We stretch and fetch
  • We take responsible risks
  • We see opportunity others don’t
  • The sky is the limit


Financial Perspective – Expectations in terms of growth and profitability

  • Growth and diversification
  • Expand Geographical footprint
  • Make your own way
  • Environmentally responsible

Internal Business Process Perspective – Processes which generate the right forms of value for customers and lead to shareholder expectations

  • Positive agent for change and Good Corporate Governance
  • Continuous process and systems improvement
  • Optimising the use of technology

Customer Perspective – The way value has been created for our internal and external customers creating customer enrollment

  • Building the Orion Brands
  • Attract, serve and retain customers
    • Give the customer what they want
    • Create a customer experience – differentiators
    • Unique value proposition

Learning and Growth Perspective

  • Employer of choice
  • Attract, develop and retain skilled staff


The Orion Group is a values driven organisation. The group’s values are well entrenched and documented in our values booklet.

Our values were agreed upon by a group wide cross cultural, cross departmental group of Orion colleagues who crafted our values after serious deliberation under the expert guidance of our group chairman.

  • Honesty – Act in a way that leads to trust in each other. Always tell the truth. Never take anything that does not belong to them.
  • Integrity – Be truthful no matter what the situation or circumstance. Take responsibility for your actions.
  • Treating People with Dignity – Do not reprimand each other in public. Respect diverse opinions & cultures. Meet agreed commitments & deadlines.
  • Reward & Recognition – Show appreciation by “catching people doing things right”. Provide opportunity for career development.
  • Generosity – Share knowledge. Show empathy and understanding. Go the extra mile
  • Innovation and productivity – Look for a “better way” each day. Cultivate an “I can” attitude. Deliver high quality work.All of the above is beautifully encapsulated in the Orion Hotels vision: LOVING TO SERVE OUR GUESTS BETTER EVERY DAY

Our Organisation uses as base management philosophy the balanced scorecard principles. Some of the focus areas are listed below;

  • The Vision of the Group and of this division is very clear “An Orion presence in 50 Countries.” Our operating philosophy OUR BUSINESS IS GETTING BETTER EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY is converted into reality by our brand promise.IT’S Happening.
  • Growth and diversification
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Continued process and systems improvement
  • Divisional and business unit brand building
  • Attract, serve & retain customers