CEO's Message - Jan 2019

CEO’s Message – Jan 2019

2018 is a year of great expectations for the ORION GROUP.  2017 was a very challenging year but on all fronts significant improvements and turn around was experienced from July 2017.

It was also a year of consolidation with the company shedding non-performing or distressed assets. These actions as painful as they were set the platform for a leaner, more streamlined organisation geared for growth.
We have a number of major initiatives planned for this year;

  • A number of our commercial buildings will receive facelifts or will be redeveloped
  • The momentum gained in the hotel division will be maintained and renewed focus will be placed on occupancies and positive guest experience
  • An additional spa will be added to our Bakwena Day Spa collection
  • Our Stay Now Pay Later (SNPL) 0n-line travel agency will be launched
  • Star Storage will be expanded into more locations and the service offering will be expanded
  • Major software changes for our accounts department and property management division
  • Orion Real Estate will announce a major merger or acquisition
  • In-house training programmes will be upgraded and expanded.

On a macroeconomic level, South Africa is probably through the worst with the political turmoil, state capture and ratings downgrade. This improved sentiment is reflected in the Rand/Dollar exchange rate and the JSE all share index. We may even receive an interest rate reduction.

South Africa is however very much a “work in progress” and much needs to be done to repair the completely broken down basic education system. Many other government institutions down to local authorities are in a state of decay and or gross mismanagement. The good news is that it can be fixed quickly. It needs a compelling vision, political will, and sheer determination.

Any unstable environment always provides opportunities for the bold and brave. We at Orion see ourselves in this category.

South Africa as a country has so much to offer its people and it is our responsibility to be a catalyst in whatever small way to make things better.

I wish all our shareholders, stakeholders, staff, service providers, suppliers, and financiers a great 2018.
May this year be your best ever.