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Orion Facilities

Orion Facilities Management

Orion Facilities Management has been restructured from the 1st July 2013. In the past OFM was responsible for maintenance and cleaning services, security, property management and administration and property leasing to Orion Real Estate Ltd.

Since July 2013 OFM has only been responsible for maintenance and cleaning of the Orion Real Estate Ltd properties. The other staff members involved in property management and administration and leasing have been transferred to Orion Real Estate Ltd.

This new dispensation holds substantial financial benefits for Orion Real Estate Ltd and has also transformed Orion Real Estate Ltd into a fully fledged operational company. Where most of the Orion Real Estate Ltd services were previously outsourced to associate companies those services are now in-sourced to the company.


Orion Facilities Management Team

Property management has done extensive work to get tenant management under control and monthly rent roll and account administration are running smoothly. Tenant communication has also improved substantially and various tenant meetings were attended to determine tenant needs and to address any problems. Administering monthly income has also improved and monthly accounts and debt collection are priorities.

The leasing agents have also through hard work and dedication lowered the vacancy factor of just more than 27% at the end of June 2012 to just more than 15% at the end of June 2013. The vacancy factor was further reduced to approximately 14% at the end of June 2014.

The maintenance department has grown from strength to strength and more and bigger tenant installations were completed during the financial year with substantial savings to the group. A main drive for the new financial year is to grow the external work component further and as a first step bring it on par in terms of value with internal work. Maintenance supervisors receive on a monthly basis coaching and they have started facilitating this culture to the lower levels. The coaching intervention to the lower levels should also have a major positive impact on individual and team performance in future.

The cleaning department has also made substantial progress internally. The next phase of growth would entail the soliciting of external cleaning contracts.