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Orion IT

Orion Information Technology Department

The IT Department has during the year attended to various major projects to improve the overall service delivery to the Group. At the annual strategic planning workshop “Virtualisation” was identified as a key focus area to meet the future requirements of the Group.

The Information Technology Team

Deena Arnajalam

IT Technician (Group)

The pace of technological developments forces the department to stay abreast of such developments, but also to ensure that appropriate technology is employed in the company to meet the strategic objectives of the various entities. The development of more integrated and complementary IT support systems and networks within the Group has necessitated close collaboration between the various entities.

The department has developed in line with the King 3 guidelines an IT Charter to guide the future strategies and involvement of the department.

The department is involved in a number of projects to improve IT services throughout the group. The implementation of the new front office systems is almost completed and will make a major contribution to the overall efficiency at the hotels and customer service delivery. The development of a satellite network between the various hotels is also making progress and will improve efficiencies, especially online booking facilities.

Disaster recovery and business continuity is an ongoing project. The ongoing availability of new emerging technologies offers better opportunities to improve service delivery and options to reduce risk. New developments in cloud computing offer various new opportunities but detailed analyses of the various offerings are mandatory to ensure that the offered services meet the required standards to serve as appropriate backup to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery.

The department is currently managing a proof of concept project to test the quality, reliability and availability of cloud based services. Accessibility is critical in disaster circumstances to ensure business continuity from any locality.

The department is fully aware of its responsibility to provide an efficient service to the group as a whole and to assist all users to improve productivity and service delivery. The new front office systems will also improve customer interaction, an integral part of the hospitality service cycle.

The department is currently involved in a project to establish the IT infrastructure at the various hotels as independent units and as such remove a substantial burden from the head office infrastructure.